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How to Find
Best Hotel Deals

Now a days, it is a commonsense that best hotel deals are found on the Internet. The Internet has brought the whole world to our home, our desktop. We can go to , or, and there are numerous travel deal search engines and local websites for the area you are looking hotel rooms for our next travel. There are new travel websites/travel search engines popping up every now and then.

Look Beyond Travel Web Sites Major online travel sources, such as Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire and Orbitz, all boast about letting you in on the cheapest fares. The truth is they only show the lowest fares among the vendors that opt to be included on their Web sites. Some hotels and airlines have never paid to be on these sites. Furthermore, some that used to pay to be listed on these sites are no longer doing so, because they are using that money elsewhere -- like to advertise their own Web sites.

Now here is a surprise for you! To find best hotel deals, get back to the old age- calling the hotel directly! Sounds stupid and old-fashioned, right? In the next 2 minutes I will show you what is really the best/optimum way to book hotel rooms for your next trip.

* On the Internet, to get the best deal, you have to go to numerous travel websites to find out who offers the best rates. This takes time, and time is money, isn’t it?
* Also the deals on a specific site keep changing so in order to make sure you are getting the best deal, you have to go to that website (s) on multiple days and at multiple times.
* Plus, talking to a real person is much better than browsing IMHO.

So here are my trick:

Trick #1:

  1. Do a quick 5-minute search on , or to select the hotel and find the lowest rate you are getting for your target dates. Let us say you found a rate of $129 per night.
  2. Find the the direct phone number of the hotel ( it is vary easy to find it on Google or Yahoo with “Hotel Name, zip code” to find the hotel website).
  3. Now call the hotel directly and ask for reservation specialist. Tell her, ”Hi! I am looking for a hotel room in your city and I remember having seen a great price of 89$ for a room on some travel website I guess when I was searching 2 days ago. I am wondering if you can match the price and I would be happy to book my room right now. Your hotel will save the commission to this or orbitz or likes, and I would save the hassle of finding that price on those websites again.”
  4. Most probably, the hotel’s sales-rep on the other hand will accept your offer. They do have variety of deals in their system that we are mostly unaware of. If he or she is not able to find that deal, ask him/her, what is the best she can do for you. Most probably, you would be offered the rock-bottom price that you would hardly find yourself on the Internet.
  5. If it didn’t work out, give a call, preferably after 8 hours, so hopefully, you have another friendly person doing this job.
  6. This is my 10 minute secret of booking hotel rooms in matured-Internet age! What do you think? Please share your comments, and ideas. After all, best deals are fun, and make us feel smart! Enjoy.

Tirck #2:

Here is a trick to get a nice upgrade for $20! People say this trick works well in "Las Vegas hotels" particularly. If your going to Vegas and you want a pimp room for a cheap price use the $20 tip trick. There are different methods of doing it, but the most common is to place a 20 between the credit card and license during check in, and be really nice to the clerk. Here is a link that talks about it and gives percentages of success for different hotels.

$20 trick to get best rooms in Las Vegas hotels

Trick #3

I've heard that you can get a comped room simply by asking the front desk to hold a $10,000 cashier's check in their safe for you. You don't even have to cash the check. Get the comped room and return the check to your bank after the trip. (Read on thread)

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