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What is the business value of an individual in the USA?

USA is a capitalist country and in such a society, most of the things have values. You also have a value. Let me help you discover your value.

Do you know how a typical consumer facing business works? Every business takes in resources and processes them to convert into something that they can sell at price higher than the sum of resources they have paid for. The difference is the profit. And profit is the goal for any business. There is no profit if there is no selling of the finished products. And there is no selling if you- consumers- do not buy what they produce. This puts you in the center of the business world. Your choices of products, your purchases form the core part of every marketing, production strategies of businesses. You are valuable and without you, there will be no profit. And without profit, there will be no business.

We are not aware but business are watching us closely. They are watches us to know what we like, what we buy, why we buy. The USA is the most competitive economy. And what is the competition for? It is to reach you. It is to make you happy. You may not be familiar but most business have customer acquisition costs (CAC). The CAC is more obvious in service sector but it exists in every business out there. To make it simple, divide the marketing expenses, bounties, and certain selling expenses of a company by the total number of customers it has, and that is the average customer acquisition cost. That is your value to that particular business.

Do you remember the dot com days? AOL was giving you a free computer (up to $400 rebate) if you sign-up for their dial up services for a specific period? That 400$ was not a generosity by AOL. It was the value they put on you.

So what is your value? It depends on the company you are dealing with.
How does this help you? Once you have an idea about your value for a company, you can try to get that benefit directly.

Opening Accounts with Daily Deal websites like Groupon, LivingSocial and get from $5 or more bonus

Credit Card Companies (Chase, Citi, VISA, AMEX, Mastercard etc.)

Banks (Chase, Citibank, American Express)

Stock Brokerage companies (eTrade, Ameritrade, Scott-trade)

Wireless Telephone Companies

ISP (Dial-up, DSL etc)

Cable- Satellite TV provider