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Best Bank Account Offers

How much you are worth to a bank? Usually 100$. Most people walk into Citibank, Washington Mutual, Chase or Bank of America and open an account. Banks love this kind of walk-in customers. I have never opened any account for free. I know my value so I look out for some offers, online or in media, that offers cash incentive for opening an account with a particular bank.

Citibank, Chase, Bank of America are most aggressive on the national level. There are also local or regional banks that are aggressively seeking customers locally. They always have some cash promotion for new accounts with them. They usually offer around 100$ for every new account. So it is best to Google 'Citibank new account promotions' or 'Citi bank cash offers'. A 10 minutes spent on Google for various banks can find you some great offers. So why open an account for free when you can get money for opening the same account?

Are you ready to get your $100-$200? Search Google from right here:



Tip: If you love Bank of America, most of the time, they have a $75 coupon in "Movers package" at post offices. Every post office has a package that contains form for change of address when you are moving. Even if you are not moving, you can pick up a package from your post office. Besides some great coupons from Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, you will also find offers on bank accounts and cable/satellite providers