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Finding promotions on electronics in your local market.

Let us help to save you around $100 to $1000 a year on consumer electronics! If you spend around $2000 a year on consumer electronics (TV, Audio, Receivers, Computers, Appliances), this page will help you save around $200 to $500 per year.

BestBuy, CircuitCity, Sears, Frys etc are reputed consumer electronics, technology stores in the USA. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing to reach out YOU. Some of that money goes in online and print advertizements or TV commercials to build the brand and some is spend in offering attractive low prices on some items for a limited time. These are items on sale! Sometimes they sell items at a very low prices usually for a one week period. In our opinion, most of the times, these are best prices out there for the specific item.

Every week, you will find store inserts in most national and local newspapers on Sundays. If you looking to buy a laptop or a TV, do not forget to check the Sunday newpaper in-serts! They include not only TVs and Computers, but also Memory cards, Hard drives, Furnitures, Vacuum cleaners, Washers and Dryers, and the list goes on.

If you are not subscribing to newpapers (We would strongly advise every visitor of our website to have atleast Sunday newspaper- Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Chicogo Tribune, Washington Post, or any local newspaper- to be delivered to your home), there is a nice website that complies the items on sales every week for most of the states in the USA.

Categories they include:

Computer Hardware: Computer/Monitor/Printer Packages Computer/Monitor Packages Laptop Computers Computer, Monitor Built to Order: Desktop, Notebook Peripherals: Printer, Scanner, PDAs All-in-One Printer, Fax Machine Digital Cameras, PC Camera Projector Networking: Wired, Wireless Storage: Hard Drive, USB Storage Upgrades: DVD Writer Computer Memory, Flash Memory Sound Card, Video Card, Modem CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive Supplies: Blank CD-R Discs, Printer Ink Blank DVD Discs Software Etc.: Movies: DVD, HD, Blu-Ray Games: Wii, Nintendo DS, GameCube Play Station 3, Play Station 2, PSP XBox 360, XBox Video Game Consoles Action/Strategy Games, Family Games Sports, Other PC Games Children: FunNPlay, Education Personal: Finance, Hobby/Interest System: Systems Software, Utilities Graphics , PC Photos , PC Video Editing Travel Car Electronics: Satellite Car Radio, Car CD Player Car Video Systems, GPS Systems New! Electronics - Audio: 2.4 GHz: Phone, C. ID Phone, Ans. Machine 5.8 GHz: Phone, C. ID Phone, Ans. Machine DECT 6.0: Phone, C. ID Phone, Ans. Machine Stereo Receivers, Home Theater Systems Speakers , 2 Way Family Radios MP3 Players, Personal CD Player CD Boombox, Shelf Stereo Systems Electronics - Video: Camcorders & Cameras: 8mm Camcorder VHS-C Camcorder, Digital Camcorder Camcorder/Camera Combo, Digital Cameras TVs: TV upto 10", TV 11 - 20", TV 21 - 30" Big TVs 31 - 40", Giant TVs 41"+ High Definition HDTV, LCD/Plasma TV Video Projector TV/DVD Combo, TV/VCR Combo, VCRs DVD Players, High Def Disc Players New! Portable DVD Players, Satellite TV System Video Game Consoles Digital TV Recorder Major Appliances: Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Electric Range Gas Range, Washers, Dryers , Freezer Air Conditioners New! Small Appliances: Microwave < 1 cu. ft, Microwave 1 cu. ft.+ Vacuums, Steam Vacuums Cellular Phones/Service: Cellular Phones , Prepaid Cellular Free Stuff FREE AFTER REBATE! in California

How to find item on sale in your local community?

Click here to go to and then select your State.


What if there is no store in my area?
Thanks to competition, most of the store offer 'Low Price Guarantee'. So if you find a TV at a BestBuy store at a great price but you do not have a Best Buy in your area, go to Sears or Circuit City and show them the BestBuy ad. Most of them would match the price and sale the item to you! (Our Favorite is who have 110% low price guarantee!)

What if my store runs out of the item?
No worries. Most of the time, you can ask the store to give you a rain-check so you can have that item at that great low advertized price when it is back in stock.