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Best Deals in the USA: Subscribe to a Newspaper (at least Sunday Delivery)

Sunday Newspaper comes with money embedded in it!

best Toys R us deals

If you are a saver and enjoy saving money on your purchases, this is a must for you. You must get your local newspaper every Sunday. (Click here to find newspapers in your area) They come with two important sections for savers: Coupons and Store inserts.

Coupons are mostly grocery coupons and many stores, at least in California, double the manufacturer's coupons. Combine the coupon with store deals and you can save around $50-$100 off of your monthly grocery bill. (We know people who reduce their grocery bills by up to 80%. Will write more about that later on)

Store inserts are store promotions which run from a 2 page inset to around 12 pages worth of deals. Most Sunday newspapers include sale inserts for BestBuy, Circuit City, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Sears, Longs Drugs, Walgreen, Kohl's, Mervyns, PepBoys, WalMarts etc. Most of the stores put something on sale every week to attract buyers to their stores. Sometime they would even sell things at ridiculously low price or even FREE AFTER REBATE (FAR). So if you have Sunday newspaper, you will know what is on sale in which store. This will help you buy things at an attractive price compared to its regular full price.

sunday newspaper fliers store inserts

Which newspaper to subscribe if you have a choice? Go for the most popular newspaper in your area. The more circulation a paper has the more Advertisers like it! The more advertisements a paper has it is better for people like us who are looking to save money.

How much does it cost? Sunday Subscriptions for most newspapers run around $50 per year. If you look around, you can find a deal to reduce it to $20-30 per year for 7 days a week.

Where to find Newspaper subscription deals?

  • The best source is to look for airline mileage reward cards!!! We have found great rates in exchange for your frequent flyer miles redemption. As of the time of this posting, the LA Times was available for a whole year .................
    CLICK HERE to go to page 2 for how to find best Newspaper Subscription deals.

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