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Best Newspaper subscription deals

  • The best source is to look for airline mileage reward cards!!! We have found great rates in exchange for your frequent flyer miles redemption. As of the time of this posting, the LA Times was available for a whole year (Thursday to Sunday) subscription for United Frequent Flyers for 1250 points!!!
    (Do you know the math for Airliner Frequent Fliers miles? Every mile is usually worth 1cent! So 1250 miles is worth $12.50. This is the best value for the miles you have in your frequent flier program.)
    Best LA Times offer
    Click here to find a local newspaper offer for miles redemption in your area.

    Don't have United Miles?

    Hot new offer!

    Refer a friend to Mileage Plus Visa, and your friend will earn 30,000 bonus miles 2 after his or her first purchase and 1 mile per eligible $1 spent.

    Simply have your friends call 1-877-858-5188 (offer code C7G4) to apply, and be sure they provide the operator with your Mileage Plus number--03166200660.

    No worries. You can apply for United Mileage Plus VISA card and get up to 21,000 free miles! Click here for details about this UNITED MILEAGE PLUS VISA card offer.

    Like live agents than to click on a link? Call United Mileage agent at 877-273-7138 and tell that you are referred by Mileage account# FSG42366 under "Help a friend earn up to 20,000 miles".

    This will last for almost a lifetime of free Wall Street Journals subscription!*

    *subject to continuation of this promotion of course and expiration of miles...

    Or, just open the Mileage card with United Airlines and follow their promotion for NetFlix.
    Experience the convenience of Netflix and earn 4,000 bonus miles When you become a new Netflix member and pay with your Mileage Plus Visa, you'll earn 4,000 bonus miles. With Netflix, you can rent movies from home and keep them as long as you wish. When you are finished with the DVD, simply return it in a postage-paid envelope and watch your mailbox for your next movie selection. Monthly plans start at just $8.99. Get started now

  • If you are in Los Angeles Area, here is the "best deal for LA Times - Los Angeles Times". Subscribe to India Journal for a year for $30 and you will get Los Angeles Times delivered to your home on weekends for Free*.

    (*India Journal is the leading Indo-American Newspaper in Southern California, having been printed weekly for the last 20 years. Now as a special Internet subscription offer, receive India Journal's print edition delivered to your doorstep for FREE every Friday for 4 weeks. (Offer valid only within USA). Special Offer in Southern California (restrictions apply) only : India Journal subscription now includes Saturday & Sunday LA Times.)

  • Here is a 3-step trick that works most of the time to get the best deal!
    Step 1: Spend 10-20 minutes online on Google or Yahoo searching for "XXX Times" best deals or "XXX Times" subscription offers". Most people believe that Internet helps you get best deals. We think that is an old story. In new world, best deals are with those same old customer service agents! You just need to know how to get them out!
    Step 2: Find out the customer service phone number for the newspaper subscription services for your local newspaper. Call them and when an agent comes up, ask for the best deal they have currently. Tell them you are shopping around and you like their newspaper better than competitors so if she offers some great deal, you would give your order to her. If you are lucky, you will get a great deal right here. But most of us are not that lucky so try Step 3.
    Step 3: Call the subscription services department and ask for 'John' or 'Adam'. If the agent does not ask it, tell her that your friend told you to contact this Jon at this XXX Times because he gives great deals. Most of the time, the agent on the line will not be able to find or connect you to your John because there is none!!! Most smart agents ask why you need John. Then you can tell her because John always gives excellent deals on XXX times. Tell her if she has some excellent deals, you have no problem putting your subscription order with her! Now you are in a commanding position in the negotiations. You have challenged her! You have asked to do as well as or better than your John! Most of the people in such situation would search their computer to get you the MOST VIP deal reserved to get a customer/subscriber as a last resort.

Best 'Wall Street Journal' subscription deal

Best 'Denver Post' subscription deal

Best 'San Francisco Chronicle' subscription deal

Best 'Los Angeles Times' subscription deal


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